Panasonic EH-NE65-K655 Hair Dryer 2000W

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1 Year General Warranty.


  • Powerful Fast Drying: 2300 W of Drying Performance with 2000 W energy use
  • Ion Conditioning with Moisture Retaining Design
  • Lightweight and Compact


Powerful fast drying for a beautiful finish

The 2000 W hairdryer provides the same blowing power as 2300 W dryers.

* The stream of ions helps to eliminate static and condition your hair to give a beautiful luster.

Speedy 2300 W drying performance* with 2000 W energy use

The well-balanced combination of powerful airflow and heat distribution gives you a drying performance comparable to a 2300 W dryer with 2000 W energy use, to save time and energy.

* Compared to the drying performance of a 2300 W Panasonic Hair Dryer.

The mechanism behind the high drying performance

The secret to a compact dryer with high drying performance is the internal structure. The fan has a faster rotation speed while the internal design of the dryer has been enhanced to provide powerful airflow. The air outlet regulator refines this airflow and mixes hot and cold air to give uniform, stables heat distribution.

The combination of the powerful airflow and uniform heat makes high frying performance possible.

Ion conditioning for shiny, frizz-free hair

A strong airflow packed with ions speed-dries your hair while preserving its natural gloss. Ions coat the surface of each hair, reducing static electricity and leaving the hair smooth and shiny.

Ion conditioning with moisture-retaining design

Panasonic pioneered hairdryers with an external ion outlet. The ions stream out of a separate nozzle from the hot air to protect their moisture content from the heat. Ions coat the surface of each hair, reducing static electricity and leaving the hair smooth and shiny.

Heat Protection

This mode produces a warm air with mild temperatures to better protect your hair and scalp from heat damage.

Easy to hold

The ergonomically designed shape is well-balanced in the weight to achieve stable hold on to a grip.

Compact, foldable and lightweight

While generating a powerful airflow, the body is designed to be light and compact. So it's easy to carry and store.


  • Wattage: 2000W
  • Ion: Yes (External)
  • Heat Protection: Yes
  • Cool Mode: Strong Cool
  • Foldable: Yes
  • Attachment: -
  • Weight: Approx. 390g

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