Here's some tips for choosing the right size for you.

1) Decide based on recommended viewing distance, generally calculated as TV size = Recommended viewing distance / 1.2

2) Consider any restrictions on the actual TV dimensions, i.e. furniture size

3) Consider the TV resolution, especially for larger screen TVs

1) The images that you on a TV screen is made up of tiny dots called pixels. The TV resolution tells you how how densely the pixels are placed together. The higher the resolution, the more details you see in a TV image.

2) HD, Full HD (2K), 4K and 8K are simplified terms used to represent the pixel count of a TV screen. 4K, for example, means that the TV has almost 4,000 (4K) pixels along its horizontal edge.

1) LED TVs are currently the most common type of TV and they have been developed over a longer period of time. Various types of LED backlighting are used to light up the screen, hence the panels are constructed by a number of complicated layers to produce the images.

2) OLED TVs have only been around in the last decade. Every pixel in an OLED panel lights up on its own, hence no backlighting is required. Such technology allows much higher precision and control over the produced images and makes the structure of the TV comparatively simpler.

3) There is a drastic contrast between LED and OLED TVs but both have their own strengths. Learn more to find out which type of TV is best for you.

1) The concept of Smart TV has been around for a while and has evolved according to consumer needs over the years. Generally, Smart TVs come with internet connectivity and hosts a number of apps for various purposes.

2) With the boom of social media and streaming services, accessibility to various media content has become a key aspect offered in more Smart TVs.

3) The growing need for more complex TV functionality and features have also made user-friendliness and AI (artificial intelligence) features a more important part of Smart TVs.

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