Elton WHE.32REH Water Heater 7G Horizontal Red Stainless

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1 Year General Warranty.

Heating Element

0f copper sheathed immersion type with electrical rating:- -

- 2.0KW for 14 Litres
- 3.0KW for 23 Litres to 200 Litres

Thermostat c/w Third Safety Device

To sense and to monitor the temperature of water in the inner tank between 40 Celcius - 70 Celcius approximately. Besides, it is equipped with a Bimetalic Thermal cut-off which will be activated to cut off electricity supply should there be any malfunction of the thermostat.

Safety Valve

It has dual functions. one is to guard against excessive pressure built-up in the inner tank above 8 bar ,the other is to prevent water in the inner tank to back flow.

Technical Specification

- Electrical Loading:
5 Gal. - 33 Gal. I3.0kW AC 240 I 50Hz
: 3 Gal. I 2.0kW AC 240 I 50Hz

- Electric Cable:
3 core VCTF
: 2.0mm: x 30 x 105 Celcius 300/500V (compliance to SIRIM requirement)

- Min. Water Inlet Pressure: 0.17 bar (2.5 psi)

- Max. Water Inlet Pressure: 2.76 bar (40 psi)
- Pipe Size:
(1) 15mm (1/2") dia. Stainless Steel pipe for Stainless Steel innertank.
(2) 15mm (1/2") dia. Mild Steel pipe for Mild Steel inner tank.

- Insulation
: Fiberglass wool, Thickness
: 1" Density : 13b I it:

- Water Temperature: Themostatically controlled between 40 Celcius - 70 Celcius approximatety. Max. preset temperature at 70 Celcius.

- Thermal cut-off (Third safety): Bellow 99 Celcius - manually resetable.
- Safety Valve: Pressure release at approximately 7.58 bar (110 psi)
- Tested Pressure : 17.24 bar (250 psi)
- Inner Tank:
(1) Stainless steel AISI 304 2D of 1.2mm thickness.
(2) Cold rolled steel JIS 63141 of 2.0mm thickness.

- Outer Casing: Cold rolled steel JIS 63141 of 0.7mm thickness coated with electrostatic epoxy powder.

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