LG TH2519SSAK TL Washer 19.0Kg Inverter Direct Drive Turbowash 3D Full Stainless Tub

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1 Year General Warranty. 5 Years Warranty If Non Direct Drive Motor Or 10 Years Warranty Direct Drive Motor.


Powerful and Fast 3D Wash

WaveForceTM and JetSpray generate powerful waves to enhance washing and rinsing. Combined with the new TurboDrumTM, which rotates reverse, TurboWash3DTM washes clothes in every possible direction for total cleaning.

Evolution of Tub and Pulsator Movement

TurboDrumTM which spins the tub and the pulsator in the same or in opposite directions, generates water currents that rotate both clockwise and counterclockwise.


Find More Time in Your Day

After washing with powerful WaveForceTM technology and JetSpray rinsing, the laundry is done in less than 40min! TurboWash3DTM takes all the tedium out of doing the laundry and frees up more time for your life.

*Select the 16kg 4th water level 'Turbo Shot' to finish the wash in 39 minutes (If Turbo Shot is not selected, 58 minutes) / Select the 22kg 3rd level 'TurboShot' to finish the wash in: 39 minutes (If Turbo Shot is not selected, 66 minutes).
*Tested by Intertek ; Cotton Cycle with TurboWashTM option is finished with in 39 plusmn 5 minutes.


Save Energy and Water

TurboWashTM saves you water and energy without sacrificing washing performance.

*Tested by Intertek on January 2019. Based on IEC 60456 : edition 5.0 2010-02 test protocol. Normal cycle with TurboWash option, 3.5kg loads for 25" and 27" products, 2.5kg loads for 21" products.

Auto Tub Clean

Easy to Maintain for Next Wash

Auto Tub Clean function helps you to easily keep the tub clean by removing odors and dirt from the drum. It's simple to always have your tub ready for cleaner washing.

*Auto tub clean applies to the following courses. (Normal / Stain Care / Allergy Care / Towel / Prewash+Normal / School Care)

Full Stainless Steel Tub

The washing tub constructed from stainless steel, which is resistant to contamination. This steel is commonly used for kitchenware and surgical instruments, tools for which hygiene is critical.


Smart Laundry with Wi-Fi

SmartThinQTM technology lets you operate or monitor your laundry anywhere, anytime. You can track energy consumption or use Download Cycle to add a whole range of new washing cycles.

Cycle Download

WaveForceTM + JetSpray

Powerful Waterfall and Jet Spray

High-pressure water, from both the waterfall and JetSpray currents, enhances the cleaning action of the wash tub, which circulates laundry in the water with powerful torque.


Tub and Pulsator Scrub Spin

The wash pulsator and tub spin in opposite directions, generating strong water currents to circulate the laundry left and right for a gentle yet potent scrubbing effect.

Auto Pre-wash

Free Your Hands

LG's Auto Pre-wash is the easiest
option for removing stains. Just
one touch, and tough stains are
ready to be eliminated without

*Tested by LG Lab / Test Load : 3.5kg(4th water level).

Black Steel Color

Premium Black Finish

Sophisticated elegance that matches the color and style of any laundry room. The sleek and stylish black steel never fails to add refinement.



  • Capacity: 19KG
  • Color: Black steel
  • Tech: Direct Drive
  • DD(6 motion): Yes
  • USP: HEDD Motor
  • Tub: Full STS
  • Filter: STS Side Filter
  • Tub Cleaning: Tub Clean
  • Water Level: 10
  • Washing Program: 10
  • QuickWash: Yes
  • Jet spray: Yes
  • Panel: Touch
  • Top: Wide Tempered Glass
  • Energy Saving: Yes
  • Dimension ( Width x Height x Depth, mm ): 632 x 1020 x 670
  • Weight (kg) - Gross: 55
  • Weight (kg) - Net: 49

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