Mitsubishi MS-HK17VA/MU-HK17VA Air Cond 2.0Hp Standard Gas R410A

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2 Years General Warranty.

Mitsubishi Electric's unwavering commitment to research and development is helping us create the next generation of groundbreaking technologies. Through our research centers around the world, we're taking on the challenges of technology to contribute to a better society in the future.

Many scientists believe that refrigerants that contain hydrochlorofluorocarbons such as HCFC-R22 with chlorine are a contributing factor to this problem. R410A - a chlorine-free, non-inflammable, environmentally friendly and energy efficient refrigerant offers a new alternative, in addition to the properties just mentioned, R410A is an easy to handle as the environmentally unfriendly R22 because of its because of its pseudoazeotropic characteristics.

- Original Mitsubishi Electric
- 2.0HP
- 4-Star Energy Rating
- R410A Refrigerant
- Easy Clean
- Remote Control
- Anti-rust Outdoor Unit
- Fuzzy-logic *I FEEL*
- 7 and 2 Years Warranty

After starting the ECONO COOL mode, the air-conditioner performs swing operation vertically in various cycles according to the temperature of airflow. Even though the set temperature is adjusted 2 degree celcius higher automatically, you may have the same cooling feeling. Electricity consumption can also be reduced.

Easy Clean
With a Removable Design, the major components of the indoor unit can be easily dismantled for through cleaning, thus providing you with healthy clean air free from bacteria and helps the device maintain high energy efficiency.

Super Wide and Long-distance Airflow
Super wide airflow system distributes airflow from right to left, ensuring comfortable and stable airflow in a wider spectrum. The newly-designed Long-Distance Airflow mode can deliver airflow from one side another of a long and narrow room, or make it all over an open type living room, workroom or kitchen.

Double Electronic Metal Housing
This special box protects the electronic circuitry from dust ensuring its reliable operation and preventing fire in the event of a short circuit.

LCD Handheld Controller
Making the most out of your air conditioner all starts with the controls, this allows you to create the comfort levels to match your demands.

Noise-Reducing Design
Widen fan diameter, as well as introduction of an uneven fan-blade pitch in 5 different kinds of spacing, enables the unit to deliver a larger airflow with the lower noise level. Together with the other advanced noise-reducing technologies like heat exchanger and metal strip, it operated at an extremely quiet level as low as 21 dB, which is even lower than the standard noise level (25dB) of a recording studio.

Pre-set On/Off
You can pre-set the on/off time of the device to match the time you going to bed, going home or getting up, It is so convenient and environment friendly.

Nano Platinum Filter
This filter incorporates nanometer-sized platinum-ceramic particles that generate stable antibacterial and deodorizing effects. The size of the three-dimensional surface has been increased as well, enlarging the filter capyure area. These features give better dust collection performance than conventional filters. The superior air cleaning effectiveness raises room comfort to a higher level.

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