Panasonic F-PXM35ASM Air Purifier Equip With Hepa Filter,Turbo Mood Silver

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Panasonic F-PXM35ASM Air Purifier Equip With Hepa Filter,Turbo Mood Silver

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1 Year General Warranty.

Non-Humidifying nanoeTM Air Purifier

Enjoy healthy and comfortable living environment with the advanced technologies of Panasonic air purifiers. Panasonic air purifiers are proven capable of reducing allergen content significantly. Coverage area: 26m2 (280ft2), Direct Front Suction, HEPA Filter.

What is nanoeTM?

A nanoeTM is a fine (5 to 20 nm) and weakly acidic water particle with a reactive substance and an electric charge.

A nanoeTM is water-wrapped capsule with plentiful OH radicals.
Its effectiveness of bacteria remove#1 depends on the number of OH radical#2, which is generated at the rate of 480 billion per second.

#1 Bacteria: the effect resulted in 25cu.m. enclosed test space for 4 hours, not actual usage space(**)
Virus: the effect resulted in 1cu.m. enclosed test box for 2 hours, not at actual usage space. (**)

#2 Based on the ESR test methodology, applicable in the air purifier launched after Sep 2011

(*1) [Airbone Bacteria] Test Laboratory: Kitasato Research Centre of Environmental Sciences - Test Methodology: Exposed to charge water particles for 4 hours in 25 cu.m. test room - Test Results 99% is inhibited - Report No: 24_0301_1
(*2) [Adhering Virus] Test Laboratory: Kitasato Research Centre of Environmental Sciences - Test Methodology: Exposed to charge water particles for 2 hours in 1 cu.m. by TCID50 (5% tissue culture infectious dose)- Test Results 99.9% is inhibited - Report No.: 24_0084_1

What is OH Radical?

OH radical possesses the characteristics of removing hydrogen from viruses, bacteria, odors, and allergens. Therefore, the more the OH radical, the higher the effectiveness of the anti-virus power.

Long Life and Water-originated

6 times longer lifespan than normal ion - nanoeTM has a lifespan of 6 times longer than normal ion and it contains moisture around 1,000 times to minus ions. It comes from condensed moisture in the air. Water replenishment for the appliance is not required.

Penetrates textile fibres thoroughly

The nanoeTM dimension is one-billionth parts of vapour, which enables it to easily penetrate textile fibres and eliminate bacteria and odour. nanoeTM surrounds and suppresses allergens (pollen, dust mite carcasses and droppings etc.) Even particles of smells that are attached to the textile fibres can be completely removed.

Benefits of nanoeTM

Inhibits 99.9% viruses (H1N1) and (H5N1) and 99.9% bacteria (E.Coli 0157, MRSA).

Reduces 90% of odour (tobacco smell) after 30 minutes

Help restore moisture back to the skin. nonoeTM attaches on the sebum and form membranes on the skin, so skin is hydrated that improves the keratin texture and keeps the skin fresh and moisture.


Panasonic Air Purifiers are proven to be capable of reducing allergen content significantly

Some surveys indicate that the allergy rates are increasing throughout the world that around 30% of people are suffering from different extent of influences in their lives. Panasonic Air Purifier has been endorsed by the British Allergy Foundation approving their allergen removal capability that would improve their quality of life of this group of people.

What is an allergen? What is allergy?

An allergen is any substance that triggers an allergic reaction when absorbed into the body. Allergens range widely in type and description, from pollen to dead mites and pet dandruff.

Allergen is an over-reaction of our body against allergen by our immune system that originally acts as protective function for our body, such as, Allergic Rhinitis, Bronchial Asthma and Atrophy Dermatitis.

Allergic Rhinitis
House dusts, mites, pollens attached to mucous membrane cause runny nose, nasal congestion, sneezing, eye irritation and bloodshot.

Bronchial Asthma
It is developed from allergies that are cause by mites, house dusts and pollen, etc

Atopy Dermatitis
It is a skin reaction mainly with rash and itchiness that is caused by some stimulus.

HEPA Composite Filter

Maintain a clean space by removing 0.3(micro.m) particles up to 99.97% (*4).

Super alleru-buster
Super alleru-buster can inhibit certain kinds of allergen up to 99% by surrounding and restraining the allergens with the phenolic polymer. (*1)

Green Tea Catechin
Green Tea Catechin can inhibit certain kind of virus up to 99% by surrounding the viruses with the Catechin. (*2)

Anti-bacteria Enzyme
Anti-bacteria Enzyme prevents the reproduction of bacteria and molds in order to ensure clean environment. (*3)

(*1) Test Laboratory: Osaka Municipal Technical Research Institue of Japan / Test Methodology: Measure reduction level of tick allergen by Enzyme-linked Immuno Sorbent Assay / Inhibiting Method: Contact with Super alleru-buster / Test Subject: Allergens captured by filter (tick, pollen) / Test Result: 99% or more is inhibited (Report no. 2127)
(*2) Test Laboratory: Kitasato Research Centre of Environment Science / Test Methodology: Inhibit rate of virus by Plaque method / Inhibiting Method: contact with Catechin / Test Subject: Virus captured by filter / Test Result: 99% or more is inhibited (Report no. 15-0115)
(*3) Test Laboratory: Japan Food Research Laboratory / Testing Methodology: Testing of anti-mold function of the filter, using the Harrow method (Report no. 207060074-002)
(*4) Removal performance of filter only. The performance for whole house would be different

Direct FRONT Suction

Capture dust from 0cm to 30cm near the floor

Usually, varous types of pollutants appear at different positions between ceiling and the floor in the room. In response, Direct Front suction creates strong front airflow to capture dust that floats between 0cm to 30cm near the floor.

House Dust Catcher / 3D Circulation Airflow

Usually, various types of pollutants appear at different positions between the ceiling and the floor in the room. In response, the 3D circulation airflow is divided into two modes "Side Airflow" and "Front Airflow" to remove pollutants accordingly.


Applicable area m2(ft2) 26 (280)
Air Purifying Air Volume m3/min High 3.5
Medium 2.0
Low 1.0
Power Consumption W High 20
Medium 9
Low 6
Noise dB(A) High 44
Medium 32
Low 18
HEPA Filter Yes
Filter Replace Indicator / Filter Life Check Yes
Motor Type DC
3D Circulation Airflow Yes
Twin Airflow Louver No
Mega Catcher No
House Dust Catcher Yes
Eco Mode No
Auto Mode Yes
Turbo Mode Yes
Sleep Mode (8 hours) Yes
Spot Air Mode No
Sensor Odour
Human Activity Sensor No
Light Sensor No
Clean Sign Yes
PM 2.5 Indicator No
Remote Control No
Humidity Indicator No
Humidity Setting No
Child Lock Yes
Seamless Drive Yes
Tank Capacity No
Tank Stand No
Caster Lock No
Dimension (H x W x D) mm 520 x 300 x 189
Weight kg 4.8
Filters Type HEPA Composite Air Filter / Composite Filter F-ZXMP35Z
Deodorising Filter F-ZXFD35X
Humidifying Filter -

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