Panasonic NU-SC100 Steam Convection Cubie Oven G15L 1340W Two Tray

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Enjoy Quick Steamed Dishes at Home
- Quick, Healthy Steaming
- Sterilization
- Convection Cooking
- Wide Display and Intuitive Operation
- Compact Outside and Big Inside
- 16 Auto Menus

One oven does the job of multiple pots and facilitates versatile cooking
Various dishes can be served with a touch of your finger.

Compact Outside and Big Inside
The outside shape is compact, but the inside is spacious. An entire fish can be cooked at once, and items can be steamed in both upper and lower racks.

Adjustable cooking space
Steaming and baking space can be adjusted according to personal need, and two dishes cooked together at most for steaming; flexible and more convenient to operate.

Compact size, big capacity. The oven can hold:
- 1 steamed fish (about 30cm)
- 24 stuffed buns
- 1 pizza (10-inch)
- 1 roast chicken (1.5kg)

Wide Display and Intuitive Operation
Slanted display and controls are easy to see and operate.

Fast Starting and Heating for Delicious Cooking
After steam is generated in only 20 seconds, the fan creates a convection flow and the oven reaches 100C in less than 3 minutes. An entire fish can be quickly steamed.

Choose the Steam Mode to Match the Ingredients
Select the Steam mode to match the ingredients. Choose Steam-Low for puddings or veggies,
Steam-Mid for chicken or seafood, and Steam-High for an entire fish or frozen food.

Sterilize Kitchenware with High-Temperature Steam
You can sterilize dishes, baby bottles, and other items with high-temperature steam. Keeps everything safe for babies.

Cook Meats to a Juicy Perfection
You can set the temperature to 100-230C to achieve the exact cooking results you want.

Easy-to-Bake Crunchy Cookies
Sweets are easy to make, such as crispy cookies and deliciously moist cake.

Convection and Steam for Breads and Sweets
Prevents drying for breads and sweets, and produces a soft, moist texture.

Low-Temperature Cooking for Homemade Yoghurt
Ideal fermenting conditions are maintained for easy homemade yoghurt and breads.

Healthy Deep-Fry With Minimal Oil
Hot air circulates to heat ingredients uniformly, for crispy, healthy fried foods.

16 Auto Menus
With 16 auto menus, anybody can enjoy full-fledged cooking.

Nyonya Steamed Fish

Chicken Char Siew

Stuffed Egg Tart

Healthy Fry:
Korean Soy Garlic Chicken

Homemade Chia Seed Yogurt

Quick Steam
Hot Air Circulation
Compact Size


MODEL and SIZE Model Number NU-SC100W
Type Steam Oven
Oven Capacity 15 L
DESIGN Color White
Display Panel Large LED Display
STYLE Door Release Pull Down
SPECIFICATIONS Cavity Dimensions (W x D x H) 280 x 280 x 180 mm
Unit Dimensions (W x D x H) 355 x 455 x 351 mm
Net Weight 10.8 kg
ACCESSORIES Accessory Steaming Tray

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