Panasonic SR-HB184 Jar Rice Cooker 1.8L Induction Heating

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IH Rice Cooker
Happy moments begin with hearty rice. A simple staple that is part of daily moments with your loved ones. Now make these precious moments even better with the ultimate rice cooker to infuse each individual grain with flavor your family will taste and love.

- 5 Layer IH Stronger Heat
- 7-Layer Inner Pan with Diamond Ceramic Coating
- Keep Warm Function
- Various Local Menu Programs
- One touch inner lid
- Easy Clean Clear Frame

5 Layer IH Stronger Heat
5-layer IH surrounds the pot with uniform heat and traps secondary heat for fluffy cooked rice.

1. Lid IH
2. Upper Side IH
3. Center IH
4. Lower Side IH
5. Bottom IH

Working IH place by cooking process
The heat is regulated to match the cooking process, so you get consistently delicious rice.

7 Layer Inner Pan - Diamond Ceramic Coating
The durable Diamond Ceramic Coating on the inner pan withstands brushing up to 110,000 times or more. This durability lets you wash the rice right inside the cooker.

1) Diamond black hard fluorine pan
2) Fluorine ceramic coating
3) Primer
4) Aluminum (base material)
5) Stainless steel
6) Hollow ceramic
7) Gold outer coating

Various Local Menu Programs
Separate menus are provided for cooking short grain and long grain rice (Regular, Quick, delicious, 1-2 person, Congee, Casserole), Brown Rice, Multi Grains, Soup, Cake, Steam.

Easy to Use
Removable lid-heating element and seamless parts design for easy maintenance.

One-touch Inner Lid
The top panel detaches easily and can be immersed in water.

• Clear Frame
The stainless-steel frame is easy to wipe clean.

• Diamond Ceramic Coating
The high durability lets you wash rice right inside the cooker. And the light weight makes it easy to hold even when filled with water.

2.5 times the amount of bubbles!

Bubbles are 2.5 times finer, rendering each rice grain fluffy. Diamond Coating: Approx. 16,000 bubbles, Conventional Coating: Approx. 6,000 bubbles.

Good Taste
Diamond Coating: Convection is generated by the large number of bubbles. This results in the rice mixing around with lots of bubbles and being heated evenly.Conventional Coating: Big bubbles only in some places.


Origin Made in Japan
Power Source 240V
Power Consumption (Approx.) Cooking: 1400W
Keeping Warm: 600W
Cooking Capacity 1.8 Litres / 1-10 cups
Inner Pan 7-Layer Diamond Kamado Pan
Inner Layer: Diamond Ceramic Coating
Outer Layer: Gold Powder Coating
IH Heating 5-Layer IH
Keep Warm 12 Hours
Reheat Yes
Cooking Timer 2 Timer ( 2 timers can be set)
No. of Menus Short Grain & Long Grain (Regular, Quick, delicious, 1-2 person, Congee, Casserole), Brown Rice, Multi Grains, Soup, Cake, Steam
Accessories Measuring Cup, Steaming Basket, Rice Scoop Holder, Rice Scoop, Ladle
Colour Metalic Black
Dimensions (WxDxH) Approx. 27.9 × 34.8 × 23.2 cm
Weight Approx. 5.5 kg

1 Year General Warranty.

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