Philips GC7808/40 Steam Iron Perfect Care Compact

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2 Years General Warranty.

Iron faster with 2x more steam*
Philips most compact steam generator
- Max 5.3 bar pump pressure
- Up to 280 g steam boost
- 1.5 L water tank capacity
- Carry lock

Powerful steam for ultimate crease removal
An ultra-fast ironing experience can be yours with revolutionary technology. The powerful and continuous steam tackles even rough creases, and thicker fabrics are smoothed out with ease and speed. Plus there's an extra steam boost if needed, perfect for vertical steaming or stubborn creases.

Iron jeans to silk, no need to change temperature setting
With OptimalTEMP technology you'll no longer have to waste time changing temperature settings, waiting for the temperature to adjust or pre-sorting clothes. Iron fabrics from jeans to silk, with guaranteed no burns thanks to the perfect combination of temperature and continuous powerful steam.

Safe to leave the hot soleplate on the ironing board
Innovative OptimalTEMP technology guarantees no burn on all ironable fabrics. As well as the reassurance this provides whilst ironing, it also means you can leave the hot iron soleplate directly on your cotton ironing board without causing any damage. This helps to reduce any discomfort to your wrists, as you won't need to lift the iron to and from its base as often.

Large water tank for longer continuous use
The water tank has a 1.5 L capacity, so you get the convenience of up to 1.5 hours of continuous use, with no need to top-up the tank. It's also transparent, so you can get a 360°view of the tank to easily see how much water you have left to continue creating steam efficiently. When you do need to refill, your steam generator iron has a large filling hole that allows you to easily fill the water tank under the tap, or alternatively with a jug or bottle at any time during ironing

Integrated easy clean system for long-lasting performance
Regular descaling protects your iron and maintains steam performance. The Smart Calc-Clean system is an integrated descaling and cleaning function to extend the lifespan of your steam generator iron. The iron will remind you with both light and sound that cleaning and descaling is needed. Simply place your iron onto the Smart Calc-Clean container and start the process. It takes approx. 2 minutes for the dirty water and scale to be collected, your steam generator will beep once it's done and ready to use again.

Lightweight and compact size for easy storage
Thanks to revolutionary ProVelocity technology, we've been able to make a steam generator more compact than ever before. The smaller size fits perfectly on your ironing board for convenience and carrying it around is made far easier. Plus your steam generator iron will take up much less storage space.

Superior gliding soleplate and scratch resistance
The SteamGlide soleplate is durable and non-stick, with great scratch resistance and a smooth glide over fabrics. Plus it's easy to clean, especially compared to aluminum soleplates.

Safe and secure carry lock
Your steam generator iron includes a safe carry lock which securely fastens your iron to its base without the risk of slipping or someone touching the hot soleplate. It ensures safe and easy transportation around the house, to and from storage.

Save energy with ECO mode
ECO mode allows you to save energy without compromising your ironing results. The ECO mode uses a reduced amount of steam, but still a sufficient amount to iron all your garments.

Specification highlights
No burns - Yes
No temperature settings needed - Yes
Pressure - max 5.3 bar pump
Steam boost - Up to 280 g
Water tank capacity - 1500 ml
Carry lock - For transportation and safety
Weight of iron - 1.2 kg
Descaling and cleaning - Smart Calc Clean
Safety auto off - Yes

Technical Specifications

For all ironable fabrics - Yes
No burns - Yes
No temperature settings needed - Yes
OptimalTEMP technology - Yes
ProVelocity steam engine - Yes
Smart Control Processor - Yes

Fast crease removal
Continuous steam - Up to 120 g/min
Power - 2400 W
Pressure - max 5.3 bar pump
Ready to use - 2 min
Steam boost - Up to 280 g
Steam-on-demand - Yes
Variable steam levels - Yes
Vertical steam - Yes
Voltage - 220-240 V

Easy to use
Safe on all ironable fabrics - Even delicates like silk
Soleplate gliding performance - 4 stars
Soleplate name - SteamGlide
Water tank capacity - 1500 ml
Cord freedom (swivel) - 180 degree cord freedom
Hose length - 1.6 m
Integrated power plug - Yes
Power cord length - 1.8 m
Precision steam tip - Yes
Ready to use - Light indicator, Sound indicator
Refill any time during use - Yes
Safety auto off - Yes
Soleplate scratch resistance - 4 stars
Tap water suitable - Yes

Scale management
Descaling and cleaning - Smart Calc Clean
Descaling reminder - Light, Sound, no cartridges needed, no extra

Accessories included
Calc clean container - Yes

Carry lock - For transportation and safety
Cord storage - Velcro fix
Hose storage - Hose storage compartment

Size and weight
Packaging dimensions (WxHxL) - 23 x 27.5 x 39.3 cm
Product dimensions (WxHxL) - 19.3x22.3x37.3 cm
Total weight with packaging - 3.85 kg
Weight of iron - 1.2 kg
Weight of iron + base - 2.95 kg

2 year worldwide guarantee - Yes

Green efficiency
Energy saving mode -Yes
Energy saving - 30 %
Recycled plastic used - 30 %
User manual - 100% recycled paper

Calc management
Calc clean solution - Demineralized water

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