Dyson Trade Up Contest

Already traded up to the Dyson V12 Detect™ Slim or Dyson Purifier Cool™ Formaldehyde? Stand a chance to win a Click-in Battery (worth RM599) or a 360° Glass HEPA and Activated Carbon Filter (worth RM299) for your new purchase!

Step 1: Take a photo of your new Dyson V12 Detect™ Slim vacuum or Dyson Purifier Cool™ Formaldehyde air purifier

Step 2: Share it on FB (publicly) with the caption:

I traded up my old vacuum/fan/purifier (*choose one) at TBM for the Dyson V12 Detect™ Slim/Dyson Purifier Cool™ Formaldehyde (*choose one) and saved RM500!

Valid till 29th July 2022. T&C apply.



eg: " I traded up my old vacuum at TBM for the Dyson V12 Detect™ Slim and saved RM500!

Valid till 29th July 2022. T&C apply.

#TBMxDysonMYTradeUp "

Step 3: 5 lucky winners will be chosen after 29th July 2022.

Terms & Conditions

1. Participation is only open to customers who traded up their old vacuum cleaner for the Dyson V12 DetectTM Slim vacuum cleaner or old fan/air purifier for the Dyson Purifier CoolTM Formaldehyde TP09 from June-July 2022 at TBM (refer to https://bit.ly/3xtshEV).
2. A total of 5 winners will be selected at the sole discretion of TBM. Participants who traded in their vacuum cleaner will be eligible to win a Click-in Battery, while those who traded in their purifier/fan would stand a chance of winning a 360 Glass HEPA and Activated Carbon Filter.
3. Chosen winners will need to provide proof of purchase from TBM. Prizes will only be awarded if proof of purchase is presented and verified.
4. Chosen winners will be contacted via Facebook PM within 2 weeks of the contest closing date (29th July 2022). Those who do not respond within 5 days will automatically be disqualified.
5. Dancom TT&L reserves the right to disqualify any entries that violate any portion of these Terms and Conditions.
6. Dancom TT&L Telecommunications (M) Sdn. Bhd. (“Dancom Group”) Is the exclusive distributor for Dyson technology in Malaysia.


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