TBM x SEDA SAVE 4.0 | Dec 2023 – Dec 2024

SEDA SAVE 4.0 kembali lagi! Nikmati e-Rebat sehingga RM400!

Ayuh sama2 kita menyokong inisiatif cekap tenaga dengan pembelian peralatan elektrik berlabel cekap tenaga 4 & 5 bintang!

Kelayakan Permohonan
✅ Warganegara Malaysia
✅ Pengguna/pemilik akaun elektrik (domestik) berdaftar dengan TNB
✅ Pembelian Penyaman udara atau Peti Sejuk berlabel cekap tenaga 4 & 5 bintang pada Disember 2023 – Disember 2024
✅ 1 akaun bil elektrik sahaja layak memohon 1 e-Rebat
✅ e-Rebat terhad untuk 250,000-unit sahaja

Kunjungi kedai TBM berdekatan anda sekarang, bawa bil elektrik sekali tau!
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*T&C Applies
Axtra Rewards https://bit.ly/AxtraRewards
For any inquiry https://wa.me/60166682479

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Terms and Conditions:
1. TBM x SEDA SAVE 4.0 "Offer" is organized by Tan Boon Ming Sdn. Bhd. (494355-D) and governed by these terms and conditions and accompanying details and guidelines (if any) as may be issued and specified by TBM.
2. The Offer is valid from Dec 2023 - Dec 2024 (promotion period) and applicable to any TBM outlet (refer to https://bit.ly/TBMstores) and TBM Online (refer to https://bit.ly/TBMOnline).

3. Customer who purchase selected Air Conditioner and Refrigerator with 4 or 5 star energy efficiency label during the promotion period is entitled to:
(a) e-Rebate up to RM400

4. Eligible requirements
(a) Malaysian citizen
(b) Users/owners of registered electrical account (domestic) in TNB
(c) lThe purchase of energy-efficiency electrical appliances with 4 and 5-star labels in December 2023 – December 2024
(d) 1 electricity bill account only eligible to apply for 1 e-Rebate for each electrical appliances stated
(e) This programme will benefit 250,000 households and on first come first served basis

5. The Offer is available while stocks last or on a first-come, first-served basis.
6. For any inquiries regarding the offer, you may contact us directly via WhatsApp at https://wa.me/60166682479.
7. TBM reserves the right to amend any of the above terms and conditions without prior notice.

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