Axtra Dreams - RT Packages

Terms and Conditions

RT Packages

1. Welcome to the TBM Axtra Dreams program for homeowners. By signing up for any Axtra Dreams package, you agree to be bound by these terms and conditions as stated below.
2. Each Axtra Dreams package is valid for a ONE (1) year period from the date of signing up. Any purchase that fulfills the following conditions is entitled to be counted towards the Axtra Dreams package.
  i) Products and services to be delivered, installed, and used at the declared premise (based on registered address) upon signing up for the program.
  ii) Use of the same customer account as registered upon signing up for the package.
  iii) Not a product or service offered via TBM Service Centre, including but not limited to repair services, checking fee, spare parts, maintenance fee.
  iv) Not a product or service from the categories of digital gadgets (smartphone, tablets, wearables, accessories, etc), vouchers, and registration fee.
  v) Not a product or service to be used at a commercial or industrial premise.
3. Any items listed in the packages are for recommendation and suggestion purposes only. Customers are entitled to change or amend any part of the package in terms of product category, product type, quantity, or brand by informing our sales personnel.
4. The packages are not valid in conjunction with any other promotion, discount, or offer.
5. The products offered in the packages (including free gifts) are subject to availability at the time of purchase or fulfillment. Any products that are not available may be changed or replaced with another product of similar specification and value (from any brand) with prior notice.
6. The price of products offered in the packages may change from time to time subject to changes in manufacturing, logistics, legal, or any other costs due to market fluctuations.
7. Customers are required to pay a minimum deposit of RM200 upon signing up for Axtra Dreams to enjoy the benefits offered in the packages. This deposit will be kept and used as a payment for the final unpaid amount.
8. All orders to be delivered or fulfilled have to be paid in full (by any form of payment method accepted by TBM) before the delivery or fullfilment can be performed.
9. TBM reserves the right to verify any form of payment by any means prior to fulfilment of any orders.
10. Customers may cancel or withdraw from the package, in full or in part, subject to TBM's refund and cancellation policy.
11. Any services offered in the packages require advance booking of appointment, upon confirmation so that TBM is able to make all necessary and required arrangements for the professional services.
12. TBM reserves the right to amend any of the terms and conditions above without prior notice.

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