Electric Toothbrushes

A) Types of toothbrushes

B) Features & Benefits

A) Types of toothbrushes

Type Description Product Image
  • The brush head on sonic toothbrushes vibrates back and forth.  This side-by-side motion is similar to manual toothbrushes, but with much smaller and incredibly fast brush strokes.  Generally, 30,000 to 40,000 strokes per minute

Oscillating or rotating

  • Brush heads spin at an extremely fast speed in one direction.  For some models, bristles may also pulsate in an out and their small round heads make it easier to maneuver around your teeth


  • Tend to have smaller brush heads designed for their little mouths.  Some two-minute timers even play music when the time's up and has different power modes for little kids and bigger kids


B) Features & Benefits

  • Two-minute timer
    - Allows you to know when dentist-recommended two minutes are up by letting out a beep, pulse, or automatically turns off
  • Quad pacer
    - Some models beep at 30-second intervals.  This will allow you to keep track and switch to each quadrant of your mouth ensuring even amount of time for each section

  • Settings or modes
    - Different brushing modes such as sensitive, whitening and deep cleaning let you control the power and speed

  • Pressure sensor
    - The toothbrush lets you know when you’re pressing too hard, with a beep, light or vibration

  • Rechargeable
    - Most are rechargeable and comes with a portable charging station

    - Some have a battery indicator light to let you know when the battery needs recharging
    - If you travel frequently, some models use AA batteries that makes it easier to pack

  • Ultraviolet sanitizer
    - Some toothbrushes have an ultraviolet light in the charging base which sanitizes the brush head and kills the bacteria

  • Brush Heads
    Before you make a decision to purchase an electric toothbrush, make sure to check out the cost and availability of the brush head you choose

    - Electric toothbrush heads should be replaced every three months, just like a regular toothbrush
    - A few family members can share the same toothbrush by just using different brush heads

  • Reasons to use:
    - Two-minute timer:  Most dentists recommend that we brush our teeth for two minutes, twice a day.  Some models have two-minute timer.

    - Gentle on the gums: Brushing too hard may harm your gums.  Using an electric toothbrush will can help you be gentle to your gums while giving you a powerful clean.  Can be good to motivate kids.  Easier to use for people with limited mobility