Microwave Ovens

A) Types of products

B) Thing to consider when purchasing
C) Features & Benefits
D) Maintenance

A) Types of products

Type Description Product Image
  • Compact, mid-size, and full-size
  • Feature ventilation system
  • Need installation services



B) Thing to consider when purchasing

  • Power:  High microwave wattage gives more even and faster cooking
    - Full size delivers 1,000 – 1,600 watts of power
    - Mid-size delivers 800 – 1,000 watts of power
    - Smaller size delivers 500 – 800 watts of power

  • Capacity
    - 2-4 pax:  15-30L

    - 4-6 pax:  25L and above

C) Features & Benefits

  • Preset cooking time
    - All you have to do is press a button to start cooking

    - Defrost or cook food for optimal time

  • Sensors
    - Some can automatically adjust cooking time and power level based on steam emitted from the food.  Microwave may even shut off if it senses your food is too hot

  • Racks
    - Can cook multiple dishes at the same time
    - This can also improve convection cooking by allowing heat beneath the cooking dish

  • Inverter Technology
    - Offers steady heat at lower ranges and maintain a consistent percentage of power

    - Many microwaves alternate between high and low heat when you warm something at less than 100% power.  With consistent temperature of the inverter technology, it is possible to create better-quality omelets and poached fish

  • Grilling
    - Surrounds food with radiant heat
    - Sears the outside of the food and prevents rubbery texture that sometimes occurs from cooking meat in the microwave

  • Baking
    - Designed to blow heat around food for even and faster cooking
    - Can create crusty baked goods and is able to brown foods like a broiler

  • Steam
    - Convenient way to prepare fish/vegetables

    - This option keeps food moist without adding fat and can also be used to poach eggs

  • Easy Clean Interior
    - Non-porous interiors made of materials such as porcelain enamel or stainless steel.

    - Easy to wipe away spills, splatters and dried-on foods

  • Quick Keys
    - A 1-minute or 30 second key requires just a tap to extend the preset cooking time, maintaining whatever power level was selected.  It also allows quick adjustments to your previous settings – pushing the button more than once multiplies the time extension

  • Shortcut Keys
    - These keys remove the hassle of finding out the cooking time for popular foods such as popcorn, frozen vegetables, pasta, etc

  • Child lock
    - Some models come with a lockout function to keep children safe

D) Maintenance

  • Keep it clean
    - Food and liquid splatters in the microwave will absorb energy leading to burn spots and might even cause damage to the components

    - Most stains can be removed with water and soap.  For stubborn spots, try heating a cup of water in the microwave for 60 to 90 seconds, the steam will loosen the grime

  • Choose your dishware carefully
    - Materials that are not microwave oven safe can cause fires or explosions.  Never put materials such as aluminum foil, metal, and dishware with silver or gold accents

  • Try preprogrammed cooking times
    - Many choose not to use these programmed cooking times.  However, these cooking times are designed to make most efficient use of the microwave in terms of minimizing energy loss and heating the food as effectively as possible