Range Hoods

A) Types of products

  • Ducted rangehoods
    - Directs air from kitchen outside the house through a metal duct via wall or ceiling.  This type is the most effective

    - Filters are usually aluminum filters and have to be cleaned regularly for maximum efficiency and safety

  • Recirculating rangehoods
    - This rangehood filter impurities from the air and then recirculates clean air back into the kitchen.  Uses carbon filters.  Not as powerful as ducted rangehood

    - The carbon filters cannot be reused

B) Things to consider when purchasing

  • Measure allotted space carefully before purchasing
  • A range hood is a useful investment because it can stop grease, smoke, cooking odors from traveling through your house
  • Take note of the decibel measurement.  The more powerful the motor, the louder the noise
  • Look for a model with dishwasher-safe stainless steel filter
  • Know the extraction rate.  Higher extraction rate will vent a larger amount of air.  If you do a lot of cooking, get one with an extraction rate of around 700m3/h
  • Noise:
         - Noise levels varies for different types of rangehoods.  Manufacturers provide decibel rating
         - You can invest in a rangehood with a sound-proofed motor