A) Panel Types

B) Resolution of TVs
C) Things to consider when purchasing
D) Features

A) Panel Types

- Liquid Crystal Display TV offers slim profile and HD quality images at affordable prices 


  • LED
    - Light Emitting Diode (LED) TVs are the most popular TV on the market.  It gives excellent overall picture quality

    - It is a better choice if you are placing it in a well-lit room
    - It is part of the LCD TV family but with advanced edge-lighting and backlighting


- Organic Light-Emitting Diode TVs offer an extremely high degree of color accuracy, great contrast, wide viewing angles and blur-free pictures

- Each one of the pixels is individually illuminated producing true blacks and a brilliant range of colors
- Allows for extraordinarily thin screens


  • Curved Screen TV
    - Unlike the flat screen tv from which you only see the center part of the image closer to you than the edges, the curved screen gives you an immersive experience whereby the image is perfectly positioned at all points making you forget you were watching a reproduced image in the first place

    - Bigger space:  65” or 78”
    - Smaller space:  48” or 55”
curved screen tv


B) Resolution of TVs

  • UHD (Ultra High Definition)
    - Also known as 4K TV which delivers up to 4 times the resolution of FHD TVs and produce stunningly clear and detailed images

    - 3840 x 2160 pixels, 8-3 megapixels
    - HDR advantages:  It enhances contrast and color of existing pixels on your TV to create a more lifelike image

  • FHD (Full High Definition)
    - Allows you to watch Blu-ray movies, full HD content and all TV programming at their highest level of detail

    - 3840 x 2160 pixels, 8-3 megapixels
    - Most common HDTV resolution available

  • HD (High Definition)
    - Provides a quality HD picture for TV shows and DVD movies at very affordable prices

    - Usually for smaller TVs
    - 1280 x 720 pixels, 0.92 megapixels

C) Things to consider when purchasing

  • Know where you want to place your TV
    - How far away you’ll be sitting

         - Living Room:  46” and up. Perfect for a main room designed for the best viewing experience
         - Bedroom:  28” to 59”.  Versatile TVs just right for medium-sized rooms
         - Kitchen:  Up to 40”.  Smaller screens with features ideal for smaller specs
         - Outdoor:  28” and up

  • The type of experience you prefer

  • How to determine where to place your TV 
    - Minimum viewing distance

    - Multiply size of screen by 1.5 (unless you’re planning to get a 4K UHD TV)
    - Maximum viewing distance
    - Double the minimum viewing distance
  • How to choose your TV size?

Diagonal TV Size

Full HD Resolution Viewing Distance

4K Resolution

Viewing Distance

24 inch

3.5 ft

1.1 m



32 inch

4.0 ft

1.3 m

3.0 ft

0.9 m

37 inch

4.5 ft

1.5 m

3.5 ft

1.0 m

40 inch

5.0 ft

1.6 m

3.8 ft

1.1 m

42 inch

5.5 ft

1.8 m

4.0 ft

1.2 m

47 inch

6.0 ft

2.0 m

4.5 ft

1.4 m

50 inch

6.5 ft

2.1 m

4.8 ft

1.5 m

55 inch

7.5 ft

2.3 m

5.2 ft

1.6 m

58 inch

8.1 ft

2.5 m

5.5 ft

1.7 m

60 inch

8.0 ft

2.6 m

5.7 ft

1.7 m

65 inch

8.5 ft

2.8 m

6.2 ft

1.9 m

70 inch

10.0 ft

3.0 m

6.7 ft

2.0 m

75 inch

10.5 ft

3.2 m

7.1 ft

2.2 m


D) Features

  • TV Refresh Rate
    - The higher the speed (Hertz), the smoother the picture

    - 120Hz refresh rate means that the picture rebuilds 120times in one second
    - If the refresh rate was lower, for example 60Hz, the audience will see slight motion blur during fast-action scenes

  • Smart TV
    - Connect TV to home network or stream huge range of movies, videos and music from popular services like Netflix, Hulu Plus, Pandora, YouTube, etc

    - Most smart TVs have full web browser too
    - Some have smart capabilities built in
    - You can directly connect to your WiFi’s network to stream movies, TV shows, and other contents without need for any other connections
    - Compatible with “casting”, i.e. chromecast, etc

  • Android TV
    - Allows your android mobile device to stream content to the TV

    - Accessible to Google Play Store to download Android apps
    - Supports Google cast

  • Connecting with HDMI
    - Can carry both picture and sound over one convenient cable

    - For best performance, get a high-speed HDMI cable
    - Expensive cables are made of higher-quality materials and come with higher data transfer speed rating measured in Gigabits per second (Gbps)
    - Allows more bandwidth for streaming 4K UHD & HDR content and helps to ensure signal purity