LG CareShip Promotion

It is time to extend your LG PuriCare CareShip!

We are currently having a Buy 1 Year, Free 1 Year Promotion for all our LG PuriCare Owners from 17 March - 5 June 2022.

Reduce your worries with LG PuriCare CareShip, benefits such as no additional charges for expired filter replacements, servicing from professionally trained personnel, economical rates, and many more.

Available at TBM https://bit.ly/TBMstores
Shop online https://bit.ly/TBMxLGPuricare

*T&C Applies
Learn more https://bit.ly/3KiI2DU
Axtra Rewards https://bit.ly/AxtraRewards
For any inquiry https://wa.me/60166674160

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