The TBM Membership Program ("Axtra Rewards") is a loyalty program owned and managed by TBM Sdn. Bhd. and it is applicable to all TBM outlets in Malaysia.

By applying for Membership, you hereby AGREE to be bound by the following terms and conditions:

- The Membership remains the property of TBM at all times.
- Membership annual fee is RM12.00.
- Application for Membership is open to individuals who are the age of eighteen (18) and above with phone numbers registered with Malaysia telco.
- You may apply for Membership at any TBM Outlets (refer to in Malaysia by presenting your MYCARD (NRIC) or Passport upon registration.
- You shall submit the application to register as a Member by following the procedures that set out in the Platform or such other methods as may be specified by us, subject to Terms and Conditions and our approval or rejection at our sole and absolute discretion.
- You are required to provide your personal information to us during the application process and from time to time during the term of your Membership.
- Your personal information will be processed in accordance with the privacy policy published on the Platform. You shall ensure that all information is made available and kept updated from time to time.
- You shall promptly notify us if there are any changes to your personal information submitted to us.
- In the event that any third-party personal information is provided by you, you are responsible for ensuring that all necessary consent has been obtained from such third parties and that such third parties have agreed to the processing of his/her personal information to us in accordance with the Privacy Policy.
- By participating in the TBM Membership Programme, you agree and consent to TBMSB sending you marketing materials, catalogues, or other promotional literature to you from time to time.
- Upon being successfully registered as a Member, you will be able to enjoy the relevant TBM Programme Benefits under the TBM Programme subject to these Terms and Conditions.
- All TBM Programme Benefits, and Points are transferable and assignable to any third party.
- Except as otherwise expressly prohibited or limited by applicable laws, we may amend, update, modify or supplement the Rules and Policies in connection with the TBM Programme and TBM Programme Benefits from time to time. You are responsible for reviewing such Rules and Policies published by us on the Platform or notified you from time to time for the latest Rules and Policies in respect of the TBM Programme.

-TBM Membership offered includes:
a. Point accumulation: For every RM1 worth of purchase, TBM members earn 1 point.
b. Point Redemption: Points can be redeemed for use in purchases at TBM outlets. The conversion rate is 500 points = RM1.
c. The earning of Points will be based on the total rounded amount purchased in a single receipt. Accumulation of previous receipts for Points collection is prohibited. For example, a transacted amount of RM77.45 equals 77 earned Points.
d. Point validity period: Points earned will expire at the end of every first year / 12 months from the date any such Points were earned. For example, Points earned on 1 February 2021 are valid until 31 January 2022.
e. The following items are not entitled to TBM Membership point collection:
i. Cash Voucher
ii. Membership fee / Renewal / Penalty fee
f. Point redemption on a product is not entitled to Membership point for the entire billing.
g. Member events and discount benefits.
h. Membership fee is RM12.00.
- Membership cards will not be issued, and the registered phone number of the Member is required to be verified upon every purchase, failing, which no Membership Points will be captured.
- In order to redeem Membership Points, the identity card or passport of the Member is required to be presented.
- Points are earned after every purchase and the current Points balance will be printed on the receipt for such purchase.
- In the event when goods redeemed with points are returned as deemed defective, valid receipts must be presented, and subject to relevant terms & conditions concerning returning goods.

Membership Account (Registration)
- You shall provide information as required to register and ensure the information submitted is accurate, current, and complete. If suspected to be inaccurate, TBM reserve the right to suspend or terminate, in part or in full, for you.
- In the event of non-performance or mistake involved because of your failure to update your personal information, you shall bear the full consequence and TBM will not be liable for any responsibility.
- You shall be responsible for your Membership account, which is designated solely for your own use and cannot be transferred, given as a gift, or inherited.

Member’s Benefits
- Member’s Specials: Enjoy exclusive discounts on selected products.
- Exclusive Invites to Offers & Events: Invited to exclusive promotions, events, and offered special discounts during promotions.
- Promotion update: Received latest promotion update by text messages, call, or email.

Points Redemption
- With the use of TBM Membership, points will be granted through various forms. No cash value is endowed upon the points. They cannot be converted into cash or any other form of money, regardless of the ways through which the points are earned.
- Points earned cannot be exchanged for cash and only strictly be used to offset the purchases throughout the redemption method.
- Points earned can be used to offset purchases at any TBM Outlets with every 10,000 Points redeemable at RM10.00.
- Points are not deemed as any form of property; hence they are not any property over which you may exercise the full right of possession. TBM may, in its sole discretion, adjust the point value or amend relevant provisions relating to points redemption without your prior consent.
- You are entitled only to convert the points granted into designated service or products according to the TBM relevant provisions.
- Fraud, misuse, or other misconduct involving the acquisition and (or) use of points may result in the immediate cancellation, restriction, or termination of your points or the use of your points.
- Point validity period: Points earned will expire at the end of every first year / 12 months from the date any such Points were earned. For example, Points earned on 1 February 2021 are valid until 31 January 2022.
- To redeem Membership Points, the identity card or passport of the Member is required to be presented.

Personal Data Protection
- TBM may use, collect and/or disclose the personal information necessary to verify your identity, process your membership, send out renewal reminders and analyse your consumption preferences.
- TBM and other affiliates under the strategic alliances reserves the right to use the database information for cross selling, marketing, and promotions activities. Rest assured that we have reasonable steps to ensure that your privacy and confidentiality are protectors.

Marketing Information
- TBM may inform you of promotions, product launches and special events organised or co-organised by TBM via emails, call and text messages.

- The discount privileges, terms and conditions may be amended, or terminated at the sole discretion of the company without prior notice.
- TBM is entitled to suspend or terminate your right to use the TBM Membership at any time at our absolute discretion, without liability, notice, or reason. TBM is also entitled to refuse any request for reissuance, renewal, or replacement of the card should any of the conditions and privileges be abused.
- TBM reserves the rights to terminate cancel your TBM Membership Programme and TBM Membership without prior notice.
- Company account not eligible to sign up TBM Membership (TBM Axtra Rewards).