Balmuda The Toaster

BALMUDA The Toaster

The iconic Japanese toaster

BALMUDA The Toaster

The iconic Japanese toaster

BALMUDA The Toaster

The iconic Japanese toaster

BALMUDA The Toaster

The iconic Japanese toaster

Master of its Craft

Since 2015, creating the perfect toast has been our passion and our obsession.Simple or fancy. Classic or creative. All your favorite toasts are masterfully crafted to perfection. BALMUDA The Toaster is our love letter to every toast lover in the world.

Revolutionary technology

What makes BALMUDA The Toasterunique is the five cc of water pouredin at the beginning of each toast.Heating more rapidly than air,the steam locks in the bread's innermoisture before the surface isgiven a golden brown finish.This process draws out the deliciousaroma and flavor unlike any other.

How it works

Precise temperature regulation

The five modes

Find out more about the distinct steam-driven modes designed to create the perfect toast, no matter what type of bread. The Oven Mode can be used to heat oven-friendly dishes.

Sandwich Bread Mode

This mode is ideal for everyday thin-sliced bread and English muffins. It delivers a delicious contrast between a crisp exterior and a moist interior. Adjust the timer to obtain the desired level of golden finish.

Artisan Bread Mode

This high-temperature toasting mode is designed to bring out the full texture and aroma of artisan bread. It delivers a crisp surface while preserving the bread’s interior elasticity. Even moist bakery bread takes on a toasted hue, just as if it had been dry-fried by a chef.

Pizza Mode

Pizza is notoriously the most problematic dish to reheat, so we created a setting specially designed for it. By toasting more strongly from above than below, this mode is ideal for bread that requires a crispy base with melted toppings. Bagels also shine in this mode, as they will toast to a golden surface while maintaining their chewy texture.

Pastry Mode

Designed to emulate a baker’s oven, this mode reproduces the flavor, texture, and moisture that could once only be experienced with freshly baked bread. Buttery croissants become warm and crisp without burning. Heated baguettes remain light and airy on the inside with a wonderfully crunchy outside. Rolls come out piping hot -- even in the center.

Oven Mode 350 / 400 / 450°F

Utilizing heat without steam, this mode offers three different temperature settings (350°F / 400°F / 450°F) just like a traditional oven. It is a great way to prepare various smaller dishes such as gratin, cookies, or even frozen foods that can be oven-cooked.