Electric Shavers

A) Types of electric shavers

B) Things to consider when purchasing

C) Maintenance
D) Additional Tips
A) Types of shavers


A) Types of electric shavers

Type Description Product Image
  • Rotary shavers have round heads with blades that spin
  • Designed to be moved across the skin in a circular motion and work best for long or fast-growing hair
  • Shaver heads adjust to the angles and contours of your face making it easier to shave difficult areas like the chin and neck


  • Have rectangular heads with blades that move back and forth behind thin layer of metal, called a foil.  The foil is designed to protect skin from irritation and provide a more comfortable shave
  • More precise for trimming around sideburns and other straight edges



B) Things to consider when purchasing

  • Electric vs Manual
    If you use a disposable razor, you might want to consider switching to an electric one:

    - Electric shavers provide a fast, easy and convenient way to shave because you don’t need to use shaving cream or gel.  You don’t even need water, although many electric shavers can be used wet or dry
    - Electric shavers are portable and great for traveling.  Most models have a rechargeable battery so once they are charged, you can use them almost anywhere
    - A manual razor scrapes against the skin, which can cause irritation, cuts, and razor burn.  With an electric shaver, you can worry less about getting nicks or cuts and some models are designed to reduce skin irritation with hypoallergenic shaving heads and aloe strips
    - The blades of a manual razor often lose sharpness within several days.  With an electric shaver, you won’t have to keep buying disposable razors or replacement razor blades
  • Wet/Dry
    - Enjoy the flexibility of shaving how you want

    - Shave in the shower to save time
    - Note that some electric shavers may be labeled as water resistant or waterproof but that doesn’t make them a wet/dry shaver
  • Hypoallergenic design
    - If you have sensitive skin, look for shavers with hypoallergenic blades, foils or shaving heads, designed to minimize allergenic reactions

  • Multiple attachments
    - Different attachments are useful for shaving hair of different length (i.e. neck area)

  • Pop-up trimmer
    - Some shavers include trimmer attachment or a built-up pop-up trimmer, so keeping your beard, mustache, or sideburns looking great is easy

  • Battery run time
    - It will be more convenient to get shavers that can provide more than a few shaves on a single battery charge

    - If you often forget to recharge, you should look for models with quick charge feature or battery level indicator.  Quick-charge features usually take only five minutes or so to charge enough for a single shave

  • Durability
    - Look for a model built with high-quality materials like steel or titanium blades

  •  Cooling system 
    - Look for shavers with a cooling system.  An active cooling system will cool skin to reduce irritation.  When the skin is cooled, less blood flow will prevent skin from going through foil and be cut by the blades

C) Maintenance

To ensure your device last longer, follow the instruction manual provided by the manufacturer for cleaning and replacing shaver heads

  • Cleaning system
    - Electric shavers usually come with a cleaning brush.  Some have a fully washable design so you can rinse them under running water.  If the idea of cleaning your device after each use sounds like a chore, look for a model with a self-cleaning system.  This usually includes a cleaning and charging stand where the shaver is placed after use.  It is basically like a miniature dishwasher for your shaver, which automatically cleans, charges and lubricates the shaver at the touch of a button

  • Replacement heads
    - Shaver heads usually will need to be replaced every 6 months to 2 years.  Some models have a shaving head replacement indicator to help you keep track

D) Additional Tips

  • Use shaving cream to protect your skin.
  • A water based shaving cream will make it easier for you to clean your shaver
  • Use an aftershave.  An aftershave will reduce skin irritation.  If possible, get an aftershave with antiseptic properties to clean small cuts, if any.



A) Types of shavers

Electric shavers and epilators are great for busy women.  It is easy to use when traveling and helps save cost that are usually spent on manual razors and shaving gel.

Type Description Product Image
Electric Shaver
  • Faster and more convenient to use than a manual razor
  • Generally pain free
  • Most women's shavers have a foil design with blades that move back and forth behind one or more foils


  • A better alternative if you want to spend less time on shaving because epilators give longer lasting results
  • Epilators remove hair from the root, leaving skin smooth and stubble free for weeks
  • Uses multiple tweezers instead of blades
  • Look for models with speed settings and those that are washable so you can rinse the epilator under running water after use