A) Types of ovens

B) Things to consider when purchasing
C) Features & benefits

A) Types of ovens

Type Description Product Image


  • Suitable if you have limited space in the kitchen


  • Stacked double oven provide twice the capacity for getting bigger meals done faster
  • This also allows you to cook different dishes at different temperatures simultaneously

Oven and microwave combo

  • Microwave stacked on top of a wall oven for a seamless built-in appliance


B) Things to consider when purchasing

  • Size
    - Usually people purchase ovens that are from 3ft3 to 5.8ft3
    - 2 pax = 3ft3
    - Large family = >5ft3

  • Dimensions
45cm Compact Ovens 60cm Ovens 70cm Ovens 90cm Ovens
- Designed to match
- Slightly more expensive

- Standard oven size

- Cheapest option

- Larger cooking capacities

- Different configurations available

- Largest built-in oven

- Ideal for entertainers


C) Features & benefits

  • Self-cleaning:  Extended high temperature mode burns off baked-on spills and other messes in the oven
  • Steam clean:  Some models offer a steam clean option for light spills at a temperature of 121°C
  • Ceramic/enamel coating:  This coating on the oven’s interior makes it even easier to wipe away spills without using harsh cleaners or chemicals
  • Hidden bake element:  Heating element hides below the oven floor.  This creates seamless and easy to clean interior