Kleengard SD750 Food Waste Disposer Deluxe

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3 Years General Warranty.

In many major cities of the world, there is a perennial problem; garbage disposal. One of the most serious components of this problem is wet food waste from the kitchen. Torn and leaking garbage bags, nauseating stench, pest infestations, stray animals scavenging for food in uncollected garbage bins, are still common in our modern cities. Wet food waste accumulation, whether it is in your garbage bin, in your street or in your home is a breeding ground for rodents, insects and diseases. All these present a serious health hazard to you and your family as well as the environment.

A recent study conducted by the National University of Malaysia shows that Kuala Lumpur discards about 1.2kg of solid waste per capita/ per day. With the advent of mandatory trash segregation by September 2015 affecting most major cities, the use of food waste disposer will be a key component in helping households manage their waste, since food waste makes up about 74% of total waste discarded.

- FREE Remote Control [KGA05]
- 0.75 Horse Power
- 4000rpm Motor speed
- Cycles : 50/60
- Permanent magnet motor type
- PVC Splash guard
- Polycarbonate 940 Drain outlet
- Swive; impellers : Case S/Steel
- ABS Stopper
- Permanent lubricated bearings
- Full sound shell
- Manual reset
- Bio-shield
- Torque Master
- Silver Guard
- EZ mount system
- Corrosion proof
- Removable splash guard

The KleenGard Food Waste Disposer
Your Key to Convenience and a More Healthful Environment

Meal Preparation
Cooking is easier and faster when you can place all of your scraps right into your disposer. No trips back and forth to the garbage container.

Meal Cleanup
After meal cleanup is fast and easy. Simply scrape the food waste right into your disposer.

Reduces Odors
Instant disposal of your food waste helps eliminate unpleasant odors from your kitchen and home. There is no longer a need to store your garbage! When food waste is stored in a kitchen bin, this usually damp, organic matter provides the perfect breeding ground for bacteria.

Reduces Insect and Rodent Infestation
Elimination of odors, insects, and rodents makes your entire home a more sanitary and healthy place for you and your family.

Safe and Simple to Operate
Step 1

Turn on the tap


Turn on the disposer


Scrape in food waste


Run for 25 seconds after grinding finishes

Unique with outstanding benefits
Bio Shield

Antimicrobial Disposers are treated with an antimicrobial agent molded inside providing protection against odour causing bacteria growth.

Torque Master

The Torque Master grinding system is a combination of computer designed and balanced components at 4,000rpm, working in unison to provide superior torque grind speed and long system life.

Silver Guard

The magnetic Silver Guard captures most metal objects from falling into the disposer chamber. This protective feature helps to prevent damage to valuable cutlery. It also helps prevent damage to the disposer as well as expensive repairs caused by metal objects falling into the disposer.

6 reasons why you should choose KleenGard
EZ Mount System

Fast and easy mount system provides a hassle-free installation.

Permanent Magnet Motors

High torque motor that produces more power per pound than any other disposer.

Corrosion Proof

Lifetime warranty against failure due to corrosion.

Compact and Lightweight

Smaller and lighter than most conventional AC motor disposers by using space-age high tech components.

Removable Splash Guard

Removable splash guard, ideal for easy cleaning and replacement.

USA Technology

Latest design and precision engineering from USA.


Technical Data
Contents Permanent Magnet Motor ;PVC Splash Guard ; Polycarbonate 940 ; Drain Outlet, Hopper and Sink Flange ; Cast Stainless Steel Swivel Impellers ; Stainless Steel Grind Ring, Balanced Turntable and Armature Shaft; Phenolic EA-5551J Drain Housing ; ABS Stopper ; Permanently Lubricated Bearings ;Manual Reset Appliances Protector Ready ; Full Sound Shell
Dimensions 406 mm x 215 mm
Power 0.75hp
Spin Speed 4,000 rpm
Voltage 220-240v
Warranty 3 Years

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