Panasonic FV-25AUF1 Ventilation Fan Wall 10"

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1 Year General Warranty.


Extract the pollutants directly to outside before they spread throughout the rooms.

  • Advanced Blade Design
  • Thermal Safety Fus
  • Excellent Exhaust Performance


Bathroom, toilet and kitchen are the places with high concentration of contaminants. When these places are being used, ventilating fans should be operated to extract the pollutants directly to the outside before they spread throughout the room.

  • Kitchen
    Quickly extract cooking smell and oil fume from the room.
    Models: FV-25AUM7, FV-25AL9, FV-25AUF1
  • Bathroom/Toilet
    Quickly remove moisture from bathroom and odor from toilet.
    Models: FV-25AUM7, FV-25AL9, FV-15WU4, FV-20CUT1P, FV-10EGK1
  • Bedroom
    Extract moist air when you sleep to wake up feeling refreshed.
    Models: FV-25AUM7, FV-25AL9, FV-F15WU4, FV-20CUT1P
  • Dining Room/Living Room
    Remove cigarette smoke and moisture for a more comfortable environment.
    Models: FV-25AUM7, FV-25TGU3, FV-FV-15WU4, FV-25AL9


Our design is easy to dismantle and reassemble for cleaning.


Uniquely designed blades ensure minimal noise disruption during operation.


Safety fuse ensures that no accidents occur, even when there are spike in current.

Perforated Aluminium Filter - Durable

The filter adopts aluminium material to assure excellent durability, and it is easily detachable for cleaning and maintenance.

Oil Collecting – Environmentally Friendly

The perforated filter is competent in collecting oil – allowing the air to be exhausted outdoor thus improving the indoor air quality.

Easy Clean Coating – Convenience

The perforated aluminium filter is processed with an easy–clean coating name "Hydrophobic Coating". It is basically a paint composed of fluorine compound particles that have a small affinity with water or oil.

Ordinary Coating (Diagram)
Other ordinary Coating
Aluminium Sheet

Oil spreads out and sticks firmly on the surface of the ordinary coating.

Hydrophobic Coating (Diagram)
Oil Droplet
Hydrophobic Coating
Aluminium Sheet

Oil droplets form spherical shape when falling on the material that can prevent adhering to the surface.


New blade design applies advanced aerodynamic principle that minimises any obstacles against the airflow.

  • Leading Edge: Forms no obstacle to airflow that streamlines airflow from every direction.
  • Air Foil Chip: Reduce turbulence at rear edge, and curvature of front edge is improved for smooth airflow that minimises fan noise as well.

New HP Motor and Bearing

Compared with previous models, new models adopt high performance condenser motor and long life bearing that prolong the product durability – from average 30,000 hours life time to 60,000 hours.

  • HP motor and Bearing used in new models
  • Long life bearing

Easy installation

The Exhauster is well-designed to facilitate the installation of product. With the supplied accessories, only 4 steps are required to complete the set up of the ventilating fan.

  • Step 1
    Insert and fix from inside wall, then caulk.
  • Step 2
    Connect power wires and fix fan.
  • Step 3
    Screw and fix from outside wall.
  • Step 4
    Hang and fix pipe hood, then caulk.

  • Size: 25 cm
  • Suitable for Kitchens


  • General Information
    • Fan size (cm): 25
    • R.P.M: 1100
    • CFM: 491
    • CMH: 835
    • Power Consumption (W): 34
    • Motor Rating: 240V / 50Hz
    • Noise Level (dB): 42
    • Nett Weight (kg): 2.8
  • NOTE: Design and specifications are subject to chance without notice.

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