[PRE-ORDER] Panasonic KY-C227EHSK Econavi Induction Heating Cooktop

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1 Years General Warranty.

High Power, Fast High Energy Efficiency

While gas ranges heat the air around the pan, IH achieves a high thermal efficiency of approximately 90%* by the heating bottom of the pan itself.

You can prepare Chinese food and steaks deliciously with its high power.

IR Sensor

For quick and precise temperature cooking, the IR sensor detects pan-bottom temperature directly.

IR Sensor detects infrared rays only from the pan-bottom. Precise and quick temperature detection not affected by the heat of glass

Deep Frying

You will experience restaurant-quality fresh crispy deep-fry by a constant oil temperature even during repeated cooking. Setting the right temperature for each food makes any fried dish crispy.

Pan Frying

Setting the right temperature for each food makes any pan-fish dish well browned and juicy. When pan-frying foods, you can shake the pan. The IR sensor instantly detects the pan movement to maintain the proper temperature.

One Touch Cooking Menu

Precise temperature control according to cooking methods: Pan Fry, Deep Fry & Congee

Easy Clenaning & Easy Maintenance

Simply wipe for easy maintenance. Both the cooking zone and control area are flat, making it easy to wipe away any stains.

Your pans will last longer as it does not directly come in contact with the flame, preventing it from getting damaged and discolored.

[Compatible cookware] Iron/cast iron, enameled, magnetic stainless steel *The bottom of a cookware should be flat.

Easy Cleaning

The flat hob makes cleaning simple, helping your kitchen stay neat and hygenic.

If splattered food or oil become scorched to the top plate? Apply cream cleanser to the top plate and scrape off stains with a rolled-up piece of aluminium foil or crumpled plastic wrap.

Safe: No heater, no flame

The heat comes from the cookware itself

No flame is used, so there is no need to worry about paper towels catching on fire or a gas leak occuring.

Safety Features

Heating stops when an abnormality is deteced.

  • Cookware detection
  • Empty pot auto shut-off

The main power is turned off if no key operation is performed

  • No operation auto shut-off

Heating power is reduced when the temperature rises too high

  • Overheating prevention

The light illuminates when the top plate is hot

  • Hot surface warning

The operation panel can be locked to prevent misuse of the appliance.

  • Child lock

Comfortable Cooking

Comfortable cooking with less room temperature rise. Even when continuing to heat, the temperature of the room will barely rise. No flame is used, so it is okay to turn a fan on or let breezes in through a window while cooking.


  • Model No.: KY-C227EHSK
  • Voltage / Frequency: 240 V / 50 Hz
  • Rated Power / Plug: 2.8 kW / 13 A


  • Top Plate Color: Gray
  • Display: Red LED
  • Features
  • Max Power [Left]: 2.8 kW [Right]: 2.8 kW
  • Power Setting: 9 Steps
  • IR Sensor: Yes
  • Pan-frying [Left]: 140 - 230 ⁰C [Right]: -
  • Deep-frying [Left]: 140 - 200 ⁰C [Right]: -
  • Max Power Key [Left]: - [Right]: -
  • Congee [Left]: - [Right]: Yes
  • Cooking timer: 1 minute - 9 hours 30 minutes
  • Luminous Circle: Yes
  • ECONAVI: Yes
  • Product Dimensions: 742 x 400 x 107 mm
  • Installation type: Built-in / Free-standing

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