Panasonic TK-AS45 Alkaline Ionizer Water Purifier

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Panasonic TK-AS45 Alkaline Ionizer Water Purifier

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1 Year General Warranty.


WATER -The Sustainer of life

Our bodies are about 60% water. A total of about 7,200L of blood per day circulates around the body carrying oxygen, carbon dioxide, nutrients, and metabolic waste. Blood also eliminates bacteria and other foreign objects and controls body temperature while maintaining the body's internal environment, so it plays a very important role.
Every day, we lost about 2.5L of water as a result of exhalation, sweating and other bodily functions. Losing an extremely large amount of water can cause a wide range of physical problems. You could say that an adequate supply of clean, high-quality water is the key to a healthy body.

*An adult man, The percentage of water decreases with age.

Our health and the body's internal environment

To keep us healthy, our bodies maintain just the right internal conditions such as the concentration of electrolytes, body temperature a pH. This ability referred to as homeostasis, maintains a pH of approx. 7.4 inside the body, which is slightly more alkaline than the neutral value of pH 7.

Alkaline Ionized Water Possibilities

The reduction power of Alkaline ionized water containing hydrogen

The alkaline ionized water made by Panasonic's Alkaline Ionizer is water that contains a lot of hydrogen. Hydrogen has a powerful reduction effect, which is the opposite effect of oxidation. As a result, alkaline ionized water containing hydrogen has a more powerful reduction effect than other kinds of water.

The possibility this property offers is currently being researched. NASA published a paper reporting the possible effectiveness of hydrogen to prevent cellular damage by radiation in space.*

*Authors: Schoenfeld MP, Ansari RR, Zakrajsek JF, Billiar TR, Toyoda Y, Wink DA, Nakao A, Academic journal: Med Hypotheses. 2010 Sep 17.

Comparison test using alkaline ionized water
1) Tap water and pH 9 alkaline ionized water generated by Panasonic's Alkaline Ionizer were poured into flasks.
2) An iron rod was then placed in each flask, which was then sealed.
3) The flasks were examined after 2 weeks.

*The tap water used was from Kusatsu, Shiga Prefecture, Japan.

No rust formed on the rod immersed in alkaline ionized water containing hydrogen.

What are oxidation and reduction?

Oxidation is the gain of oxygen and loss of hydrogen by a substance. Reduction is the loss of oxygen and gain of hydrogen by a substance.

Apple oxidation test
The cut surface of an apple is white and juicy but if it's left as it is, it soon changes color. This color is the result of the apple reacting with oxygen in the air and becoming oxidized.

ORP - The high reduction capability of alkaline ionized water
Oxidation and reduction power can be represented as an oxidation-reduction potential (ORP) value. The higher the value, the higher the oxidation power, and the lower the value, the higher the reduction power, It can be said that alkaline ionized water containing hydrogen has a stronger reduction effect than typical tap water and purified water.

How is Alkaline Ionized Water Generated?

An Alkaline Ionizer can generate alkaline ionized water and acidic ionized water.

First, in the same way as with a regular water purifier, residual chlorine and impurities are removed to create purified water. Then, the purified water is electrolized by positive and negative electrodes to create alkaline ionized water and acidic ionized water.

Mechanism of Alkaline Ionizer

Alkaline Ionized Water
Water containing o lot of hydroxide ions (OH-) and hydrogen (H2) generated at the negative electrode during electrolysis.

Weakly Acidic Water
Water containing a lot of hydrogen ions (H+) and oxygen (O2) generated at the positive electrode during electrolysis.

Purified Water
Tab water purified by activated carbon, hollow fiber membrane, and other filters.

3 Benefits of Alkaline Ionized Water

Alkaline ionized water has three properties that make it very beneficial for our daily lives and health.

1) Clean and Safe
Panasonic's original high-performance filters in our Alkaline Ionizer eliminate specified substances and bacteria from the water.

2) Health Support
The effect the alkaline ionized water made by Panasonic's Alkaline Ionizer has on improving gastrointestinal symptoms has gained approval under the Japan PMD act* regulation.

*Japan Pharmaceutical and Medical Device Act

3) Effective for Cooking
Alkaline ionized water and acidic water provide a range of cooking effects including the extraction of flavor components from food, softening of items, and removal of astringent taste.

Impurities and sources of odors eliminated from tap water

The water from Panasonic's Alkaline Ionizer is purified by original high-performance filters. Water sources may contain invisible impurities, harmful substances that are bad for health and substances that cause odors. Accumulation in the body of just a small amount of these substances can cause physical disorders.

Problems Hidden in Water Sources
Agricultural pollution
(Agricultural land, golf courses, lakes, and marshes, etc.) Contamination by agricultural chemicals, phytoplankton, etc.

Water supply infrastructure
(Water treatment plants, condominium water storage tanks, old lead pipes, etc.) Contamination due to corrosion of water pipes and storage tanks, residual chlorine from disinfectant and other factors

Mining and industrial pollution
(Rivers, underground water, etc.) Contamination by wastewater from factories, dry cleaning solvents, and other chemicals

Wastewater from households
(Sewers, rivers, etc.) Human waste and wastewater from kitchens, laundry, and baths.

13 JIS stipulated and 4 JWPA stipulated substances eliminated

As well as complying with the JIS in Japan concerning stipulated substances to be removed, Panasonic's Alkaline Ionizer satisfies the strict standards of the Japan Water Purifier Association (JWPA).

13 Substances to be removed stipulated in the JIS S3201 test method: Free residual chlorine, Turbidity, Total trihalomethanes, Bromodichloromethane, Dibromochloromethane, Chloroform, Bromoform, etrachloroethylene, Trichloroethylene, 1,1,1- Trichloroethane, CAT (agricultural chemicals), 2-MIB (mold odor), Soluble lead.

4 substances to be removed stipulated in the JWPAS-B standard: Iron (fine particles), Aluminum (neutral), Geosmin (musty odor), and Phenols.

Using NSF42 certified activated carbon
Activated carbon (APO-05TGA 60I200) manufactured by Kuraray Chemical Co., Ltd., obtained certification and cleared the materials test requirements from NSF42. NSF certification is the national standard for the water purifiers in the US. and is being adopted globally.

Evaluated by a third party

The Japan Food Research Laboratories verified that the bacterial elimination rate was 99.99996%

*Remus of tests with cartridges used in each of the products

Panasonic is a member of the organizations below.

Gastrointestinal symptom improvement effect approved under the Japan PMD Act regulation

The effect alkaline ionized water has on improving gastrointestinal symptoms is approved under by the Japan Pharmaceutical and Medical Device Act (PMD Act) regulation. Drinking about 0.5 to 1L of the water a day can be expected to alleviate gastrointestinal symptoms.

*Japan Pharmaceutical and Medical Device Act

Gastrointestinal symptom improvement
- Alleviates feeling of heaviness or discomfort in the stomach
- Helps the gastrointestinal movement for favorable bowel movements

Weakly acidic water for washing your face
Weakly acidic water has nearly the same pH as skin, so it's gentle to the skin. You are recommended to wash your face with it every day.

Alkaline ionized water can be used effectively for cooking

1) Brings out the flavor of food
With strong extracting power, alkaline ionized water draws out savory umami taste and other flavors from food items.

For making stock
More of the umami taste and flavor of dried shrimps is drawn out when they are soaked in alkaline ionized water. This makes it easier to get delicious stock.
For making tea
Extracts more flavor from tea leaves for a richer taste. And you can enjoy a delicious cup of tea using less tea than you would if you make it with purified water.

2) Softens food items
Has the effect of softening fibers in food.

For cooking rice
Use to cook rice for plump, fluffy results
For cooking meat
As well as softening meat, alkaline ionized water dissolves the umami flavor in it.

3) Cleaning and astringent taste removal effect
Let you enjoy more hygienic vegetables and fruit.

For removing astringent taste
When you boil spinach in alkaline ionized water, the astringent component oxalic acid is leached out so there's less of a harsh
For washing vegetables
Wash vegetables and fruit with water that has a 99.999% bacteria elimination effect.

Comparison of Extracted Amount from Green Tea

The same amount of green tea was put into alkaline ionized water and purified water. More components were extracted from tea leaves in alkaline ionized water, resulting in different colored tea from the same amount of leaves. Even with a small amount of tea leaves, you can enjoy a delicious cup of tea.

Comparison of Mini Tomato Sweetness

The same numbers of mini tomatoes were placed in alkaline ionized water and purified water. The color of the alkaline ionized water changed, and the tomatoes seemed sweeter.

Technology of Panasonic's Alkaline Ionizer

High-performance filters and an electrolyzer create a total of 5 kinds of water.

Purification - Tap water passes through 4 types of materials and impurities are filtered out.
Non-woven fabric: Removes coarse impurities such as dirt and sand particles.
Ceramic: The ion exchanger capture lead ions to remove lead from water.
Activated carbon: Removes impurities such as chlorine and trihalomethane.
Hollow fiber membrane: Features holes 0.1um in diameter. Removes bacteria and turbidity.

Electrolysis - After filtering, the purified water is passed to an electrolyzer with platinum-coated titanium electrodes. Here, it is electrolyzed into alkaline ionized water and acidic water.

5 kinds of water with different pH values

Ionized water with different pH values is generated depending on electrolysis strength. You can select the desired pH value with the press of a button.

Alkaline 3:
For regular drinking water, and tea, boiled food, stews, and soups.

Alkaline 2:
For people who have become used to Alkaline 1 water. Use for cooking rice.

Alkaline 1:
For people drinking alkaline ionized water for the first time.

Use when making milk for a baby, or for taking medicine.

Use for washing items and removing tea stains in cups.


Dimensions (W x D x H) 170 x 101 x 291 mm
Nett Weight (Kg) 3.0
Gross Weight (Kg) 3.5
Voltage 220V~240V
Power Consumption 55W
Stipulated by JIS
Free residual chlorine
Total trihalomethane
2-MIB (Mold smell)
Soluble lead
CAT (Agricultural Chemicals)
Stipulated by JWPA
Iron (Fine Particles)
Aluminum (Neutral)
Geosmin (Musty Odor)
Water Purification Capacity 12,000 litres
*Capacity may be lower depending on the water quality and usage environment.
Filter material Non-woven Fabric, Granular Activated Carbon, Ceramic, Powdered Activated Carbon, Hollow Fiber Membrane
Filtration flow volume 2.5 litres/min (at 100kPa water pressure)
Filter material (cartridge) replacement period 1 year / 12,000 litres
*The period may be shorter depending on the water quality and usage environment.
*The period may also be significantly less depending on the amount of water used and on its quality and pressure.
Replacement Cartridge TK-AS45C1
Length of power cord 3m
Country of Origin Japan

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