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Lifesmart Platinum Package

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1 Year General Warranty.

Key Features

  • Touch Panel
  • Lighting Control
  • Schedule Option
  • Smart Curtain
  • Motion Activated

Platinum Package
Ultimate in home automation technology. Featuring smart AI and voice control, this package gives you complete control over your home's devices and systems.
The touch panel allows for easy and intuitive control, while the advanced lighting control options let you customize your home's lighting to your exact preferences.
With the schedule option, you can set your home's devices and systems to operate automatically at specific times, so you never have to worry about remembering to turn things on or off.
The smart curtain feature lets you control your curtains with the touch of a button or by voice command, while the motion activated feature ensures that your home's devices and systems only operate when you're in the room, saving energy and reducing costs.


Package includes

  • LS082WH Smart station x1
  • LS058WH Cube Door Sensor x1
  • LS251WH Spot Mini  (CoSS) x2
  • LS240- GR3/WH3 Blend Switch Pro Grey/White (3G) ( Neutral) x5
  • LS062WH Cube Motion Sensor x1
  • LS133WH Smart Curtain Motor (CoSS) (5M) x1
  • LS228GR Nature Pad Mini x1

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