Panasonic EH-NA32P655 Hair Dryer 1600W Nanocare Pale Pink

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Nanoe for beautiful hair and healthy scalp

1.Nanoe for healthy and hsiny hair

Moisture rich nanoe particles penetrate hair and tighten the cuticle, giving your hair gloss, silkiness and making it more manageable

2. Moistens scalp, keeping it clean and healthy

Moisture rich nanoe moisturizes your scalp to keep it healthy, preventing the dryness that causes damage to hair.

3. Suppresses static electricity and settles hair

Nanoe neutralizes positive charge and settles the hair



Heat Protection Mode

Protect your hair from excessive heat. Ensures powerful airflow at a gentle temperature to protect hair and scalp from heat damage



Well Balanced air properties make speedy hair drying possible

Air volume is not the only thing that matters when quickly drying hair. Air volume, air temperature, air pressure and the way air is blown are all important. Panasonics nanoe hair dryers attain a superb balance among these four elements to let you dry your hair quickly, gently and beautifully





Well Balanced, ergonomic design

User-centric design was born out of numerous use tests. This ergonomically designed but beautifully shaped dryer was produced with careful attention to the center of gravity and ease of grip



Model No EH-NA32
nanoe Yes
Speed Settings 2 Speeds
Temperature Settings 3 Temperature
Wattage at 240V 1600 W
Quick dry nozzle Yes
Foldable Yes
Voltage 220 to 240 V
Body Size (W x H x D) 89 x 236 x 193 mm
Weight 495 g

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