Panasonic NA-128XB1WMY Washer Front Load 8.0Kg

Panasonic NA-128XB1WMY Washer Front Load 8.0Kg

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1 Year General Warranty. 5 YEARS MOTOR WARRANTY .

Essential Washing Machine for Daily Laundry
- Quick Laundry (Rapid Wash: Min 15 min)
- Hygiene 60 Celcius/90 Celcius
- Tub Clean
- Big LED Display

Double Hygiene with Cold / Hot Wash
Panasonic Washing Machines provide 2-way sterilization for all your needs.
Blue Ag+ cold wash hygiene for bacteria elimination and 60 Celcius/90 Celcius hot wash hygiene for allergy care.

99.99 persent Allergen and Bacteria Elimination for Delicate Skin
Washes clothes with 60 Celcius/90 Celcius water to keep laundry extra hygienic by removing bacteria and common household allergens that irritate sensitive skin. Also prevents bad odors.

- Panasonic in-house testing result.

Certification by Allergy UK
The effect has been certified by Allergy UK, a British medical charity dedicated to helping people with their allergies.


NA-120VX6/NA-129VX6/128VX6/120VG6/129VG6/128VG6 Programme: Hygiene (60 Celcius)
eduction allergen: House dust mite, Live house dust mite and pollen

- These products has been endorsed by Allergy UK with third-party testing results.


Spin Speed
1,200 rpm
60 Celcius / 90 Celcius


Model No NA-128XB1WMY / NA-128XB1
Load Capacity 8.0 kg
Color White
Drum Stainless Steel
Spin Speed 1200rpm
Temperature selection Cold/20/40/60/90
Water Consumption 60 L
Washing Time 15 to 119 min
Dimension (Net) 595 x 535 x 845 mm
Dimension (Gross) 675 x 650 x 860 mm
Weight (Net) 64 kg
Weight (Gross) 66 kg
Power Supply 200-240V , 50HZ
Water Pressure 0.03Mpa to 1.0Mpa