Panasonic NC-HU401P Air Pot 4.0L Cordless Electric Pump Energy S

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Thermo Pot

The pH of hot water is made alkaline to extract more of tasty flavorful components such as amino acids and catechins from tea. The result is delicious tea that's also good for your health.

- VIP Saves Energy Keeping Warm.
- 4 Types of Temperature.
- Energy Saving Timer.
- Easy-To-See LCD Panel.
- Electric Water Dispenser.
- Binchotan Carbon.
- Overheating Protection.
- Safety Lock.

Energy Saving

Vacuum Insulation Panel

The inner pot is totally covered with the new vacuum insulation panel (U-VIP), which keeps the hot water just like thermos. It saves energy compared with non-VIP models.


Energy Saving Timer

The Timer remembers daily patterns of use and automatically controls heating during periods when the pot is not used to reduce your electricity bill.


4-Speed Dispenser

The volume of hot water dispensed automatically increases or decreases depending on how hard and how long you continues to press the button.

360 degrees Rotating Base

Easily rotate the unit in any direction for added convenience.

Quick Disconnect Power Cord

Power cord disconnects quickly in the event it is accidentally pulled or dragged.

Binchotan-Carbon Coated Inner Pot

Provides hot water that brings out the taste, colour and aroma of tea. As it enables heat transmission to every single water molecules effectively, by braking up the cluster of water.

Temperature Selector

Select up to 4 keep warm temperatures or press Reboil to re-start boiling. 98 Celcius/90 Celcius/80 Celcius/60 Celcius.

Easy-to-Read Water Gauge

Allows you to see how much water is remaining in the pot.

Secure Dispenser Lock

The dispenser lock button guards against unintended use.


General Power Supply Local Supply
Power Consumption at 98 21Wh
at 90 18Wh
at 80 15Wh
at 60 -
Dimensions Height (approx.) 338mm
Width (approx.) 345mm
Depth (approx.) 326mm
Weight (including power cord) 3.5kg (approx.)
Rated Capacity 4.0L

1 Year General Warranty.

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