Sharp FGF10M Polycarbonate Frame Face Shield

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Product Features

This is a face shield that utilizes surface reflection suppression technology (Moth-eye technology*) developed in LCD technology.

1. Low Reflection

  • The wearer has a clear field of vision because there is low reflection of lighting.
  • Since the lighting does not reflect on the wearer's face, the face is clearly visible to those who are facing them.

2. Anti Fogging

  • Water droplets spread over the surface, increasing the surface area and drying quickly. This prevents fogging in many situations.

High Transpacrency and Clear

  • The coloration is minimal, and clear vision can be ensured.

Made In Japan

Moth Eye Technology

  • Technology to industrially crate nano-convex surface structures with size of 199 to 200 nm, similar to the eyes of moths, which can fly even in total darkness
  • Continuosly changing the refractive index through microscopic bumps prevents the refkection of almost all light.

Moth Eye Nano Structure Effect


  • Model: FG-F10M
  • Dimensions
    • Frame: 183 x 153 x 6 mm (Width x Depth x Height)
    • Film: 195 x 268 x 0.18 mm (Lenght x Width x Thickness)
  • Weight
    • Frame: 14g
    • Film: 11g
  • Material
    • Frame: Polycarbonate
    • Film: Polycarbonate, Acryl Resin

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