Fotile GAG76202 Cooker Hob 2 Burners Eps Technology Ffd Tempered Glass

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Efficient Air Inlet
Patented Jet Collision Technology allows the gas and air to mix efficiently.
Patent no : ZL200810061722.2
Efficient Mixture
Stores large amount of gas to stabilize combustion.
Efficient Burning
Oxygrab burner to ensures that maximum air can be accumulated to allow efficient burning.

Efficient Energy Saving
EPS burner has runned the gas consumption test with boiling 1kg water to 95C. The result showed that saving 14 gas compared with other.

40 Flame Angle Burning Tech
This energy-saving and environmentally friendly feature provides the widest contact area between the flame and the cookware to increase the burning efficiency of the hob. This also achieved by increasing the heating efficiency by up to 60.

Full-strength cooking power for an explosion of flavor
Every family is looking for food that is delicious and healthy. Stir frying leafy green vegetables preserves the chlorophyll's nutritional content while imparting a rich taste. In the unending quest for culinary excitement, you need the uncommon strength of 4850W cooking power, oversized burners and dedicated angle of flame to achieve the best flavors.

Stewing to Stir-Frying
From stewing to Stir-frying, the EPS Burner Can do it.

Our steady flame means victory for delicate stewing with more nutrition
Ever made a pot of stew, but returned after a while to find out the burner was out and the stew was not even hot? This happens when using the stove with natural gas at the peak period of cooking or that with bottled gas which results in issues as flameout. Our double stabilize flame ring design accurately addresses flame instability and comes outfitted with 52 fire holes and other heat control settings. The secret to delicious meals is hidden in the flame.

12 Safety Features

From stewing to Stir-frying, the EPS Burner Can do it

Certification - CE, SAI, SNI
Technology of Hob - Burn Tech-lV Technology
No of Burners - 2
Surface Material - Tempered glass
Pan Support - Cast iron grate
Gas Type - LPG / NG
Heating Load (kW) - L: 4.85 R: 4.85
Heat Efficiency ≥ 60% - > 60%
Fast Ignition - YES
Flame Failure Device (FFD) - YES
Safety Ignition Pin - YES
Dimension W x D (mm) - 760 x 445
Built-in Sizes W x D (mm) - 708 x 388

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